The Debate

Post the Covid-19 Pandemic how can different aspects of the global business, investment, legal, accounting and consultancy communities rewire what inclusive capitalism will offer to those left furthest behind?

After the eight-month Business Beyond Covid-19 process, concluding in January 2021, we believe we have captured part of the answer, at least, in the Waterberg Declaration (under open global consultation until June 30, 2021). The eight-point declaration, crafted following 12 hours of discussion in cities around the world, will be presented by its founding signatories to the UNCTAD World Investment Forum meeting in October 2021.

The Business Beyond Covid-19 process has both built upon and generated a number of outputs to date. These include:

  • The Waterberg Declaration (under an open global consultation until June 30th, 2021)
  • Chasing the Dragon: The Rise of the ESG Law Firm
  • Developing a Pathway for Universal Infrastructure Coverage (UIC)
  • Future-Fit: Business Beyond Covid-19
  • Session video recordings

How can you get involved?

We would like to encourage all forward-thinking entrepreneurs, business and finance/investment executives, as well as the professional services community, to join us as we consult and finalize the Waterberg Declaration before presentation to the United Nations. 

You can view the Waterberg Declaration here.

At the heart of the Waterberg Declaration lies the sentiment:

Work together, as the worldwide entrepreneurial, corporate and investor community, to re-imagine and re-create public-private collaboration to deliver both social enterprise and meaningful market-based solutions to accelerate the provision of basic services to empower last mile communities and the entrepreneurs who serve them.”